About us

Introduction to Cpu-socket.com

Cpu-socket.com is dedicated to providing comprehensive lists, tables, and reviews of processors for both AMD and Intel sockets. Whether you are looking to build a new computer or upgrade an existing one, you will find everything you need to know about the latest and greatest processors available.

Our site features in-depth rankings and reviews of the top computer components, from CPUs to GPUs, motherboards to storage solutions. We’ve done the research and testing so you don’t have to, bringing you the latest and greatest components on the market, as well as expert insights and recommendations.

About the Author


My name is Denis B. and I made project Cpu-socket.com. For many years, I have been following the PC and component market, building computers, and constantly improving my expertise in this field. I collect valuable information about components in tables and can choose the best components for assembly, whether it’s graphics cards or SSDs. So that this extremely valuable information is not spread for nothing, I created this website, where I gathered all the tables in a simple form and other useful tools for assembly and PCs. On the site, I emphasized the quality and accessibility of the material for anyone, even those not interested in PC topics, in the articles.

Roadmap 2023

In the future, I plan to focus on improving the website and aim to develop:

  • A configurator for building PCs. Users can write down PC components, track missing components and calculate the final cost of the PC build.
  • Pages with PC components with the ability to filter them based on characteristics with real ratings. For example: a filter based on the cooling quality of video cards from different manufacturers.

I will strive to enhance the website on all issues related to PC building and assist users in creating the perfect computer for their needs.