CPU list AM2+ supported processors Athlon X2, Phenom II, X3, X4, specifications and prices

Socket AM2+ is a CPU socket for the AMD (Advanced Micro Devices) processors. It is an upgrade to the original Socket AM2, and it was introduced in 2007. It supports processors based on the “K8” and “K10” microarchitectures, such as the Phenom, Phenom II, Athlon 64, and Athlon II. It also supports DDR2 memory, with a maximum memory speed of 800 MHz. The socket has 940 pin contacts and is designed for use in desktops and servers.

The main advantage of Socket AM2+ over the original Socket AM2 is that it supports processors with more cores and higher clock speeds. It also supports the HyperTransport 3.0 technology which provides faster data transfer between the processor and other components in the system.

Processors AM2+ list

CPU NameFrequencySystem Bus (MT/s)Cache L2ProcessTDPCollection
Phenom II X4 9403000MHz3600512KBx445nm125WDeneb
Phenom II X4 9202800MHz3600512KBx445nm125WDeneb
Athlon X2 78502800MHz3600512KBx265nm95WKuma
Athlon X2 77502700MHz3600512KBx265nm95WKuma
Phenom X4 99502600MHz4000512KBx465nm140WAgena
Phenom X4 98502500MHz4000512KBx465nm125WAgena
Phenom X3 88502500MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Athlon X2 75502500MHz3600512KBx265nm95WKuma
Phenom X4 97502400MHz3600512KBx465nm125WAgena
Phenom X3 87502400MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Athlon X2 74502400MHz3600512KBx265nm95WKuma
Phenom X4 96502300MHz3600512KBx465nm95WAgena
Phenom X4 96002300MHz3600512KBx465nm95WAgena
Phenom X3 86502300MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Phenom X3 86002300MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Athlon X2 65002300MHz3600512KBx265nm95WKuma
Phenom X4 95502200MHz3600512KBx465nm95WAgena
Phenom X4 95002200MHz3600512KBx465nm95WAgena
Phenom X3 85502200MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Athlon X2 50002200MHz3200512KBx245nm65WBrisbane
Phenom X4 9450e2100MHz3600512KBx465nm65WAgena
Phenom X3 84502100MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Phenom X3 8450e2100MHz3600512KBx365nm65WToliman
Phenom X3 84002100MHz3600512KBx365nm95WToliman
Phenom X4 9350e2000MHz3200512KBx465nm65WAgena
Phenom X3 8250e1900MHz3600512KBx365nm65WToliman
Phenom X4 9150e1800MHz3200512KBx465nm65WAgena
Phenom X4 9100e1800MHz3200512KBx465nm65WAgena

Best AM2+ CPU

AM2+ is a processor socket architecture standard introduced by AMD in 2007. It offers support for new AMD processors, including models such as the Phenom, Athlon 64 X2, and Athlon 64 FX. Among them, one of the best processors is the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition.

This processor is based on the Deneb architecture and has four cores running at a clock speed of 3.2 GHz. It also has 6 MB of L3 cache, which helps improve performance and reduces data waiting time. The processor also supports the latest technologies such as DDR3 memory and HyperTransport 3.0.

Overall, the AMD Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition is one of the best options for gaming and multimedia workloads on the AM2+ socket. Its high clock speed and large L3 cache make it one of the most powerful processors in its class. So, this is the best AM2+ processor available in the market.

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