Socket LGA 2066: CPU list, specifications and comparisons

CPO list for LGA 2066

Socket LGA 2066 is a CPU socket introduced by Intel in 2017. It replaced the LGA 2011-v3 socket and is designed to work with high-end Intel Core X-series processors. These CPUs are aimed at enthusiasts and professionals who need a lot of computing power.

In this article, we will take a look at Socket LGA 2066, the list of compatible processors, compare its compatibility to modern sockets.

About socket

Socket LGA 2066 for Intel Core X-series processors
Close-up of LGA 2066 socket on a motherboard

LGA 2066 provides excellent performance for high-performance desktop computing tasks such as gaming, video editing, and 3D rendering. It supports DDR4 memory, and in combination with Intel’s Turbo Boost Max 3.0 technology, can provide significant improvements in system performance compared to mainstream processors.

Socket LGA2066 supports 18-core CPUs and up to 128 or 256 GB RAM. 44 PCIe 3rd generation lanes handle any task, and the quad-channel memory controller achieves around 100 GB/s speeds.

In January 2023, Intel released a new generation of Sapphire Rapids to replace LGA 2066 on the FCLGA4677 socket. The platform is interesting, and we are preparing a review about it.

CPU list for LGA 2066

Processor modelCoresThreadsFrequencyCacheProcessMemory TypesTDPLaunch Date
Intel Core i9-9980XE18363.00 GHz24.75 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel XeonW-229518363.00 GHz24.75 MB14 nmDDR4 2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-10980XE18363.00 GHz24.75 MB14 nmDDR4-2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-7980XE18362.60 GHz24.75 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2017
Intel XeonW-219518362.30 GHz24.75 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel Core i9-9960X16323.10 GHz22 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel Core i9-7960X16322.80 GHz22 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2017
Intel Core i9-9940X14283.30 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel XeonW-227514283.30 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-10940X14283.30 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-7940X14283.10 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2017
Intel XeonW-217514282.50 GHz19 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel Core i9-9920X12243.50 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel Core i9-10920X12243.50 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2933165W2019
Intel XeonW-226512243.50 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-7920X12242.90 GHz16.5 MB L3 Cache14 nmDDR4-2666140W2017
Intel XeonW-225510203.70 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-10900X10203.70 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2933165W2019
Intel Core i9-9900X10203.50 GHz19.25 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel Core i9-7900X10203.30 GHz13.75 MB L3 Cache14 nmDDR4-2666140W2017
Intel XeonW-215510203.30 GHz13.75 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel Core i9-9820X10203.30 GHz16.5 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel XeonW-22458163.90 GHz16.5 MB14 nmDDR4 2933155W2019
Intel Core i7-9800X8163.80 GHz16.5 MB14 nmDDR4-2666165W2018
Intel XeonW-21458163.70 GHz11 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel Core i7-7820X8163.60 GHz11 MB L3 Cache14 nmDDR4-2666140W2017
Intel XeonW-22356123.80 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2933130W2019
Intel XeonW-21356123.70 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel XeonW-21336123.60 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666140W2017
Intel Core i7-7800X6123.50 GHz8.25 MB L3 Cache14 nmDDR4-2400140W2017
Intel Core i7-7740X484.30 GHz8 MB14 nmDDR4-2666112W2017
Intel XeonW-2225484.10 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2933105W2019
Intel Core i5-7640X484.00 GHz6 MB14 nmDDR4-2666112W2017
Intel XeonW-2125484.00 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666120W2017
Intel XeonW-2123483.60 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 1600-2666120W2017
Intel XeonW-2223483.60 GHz8.25 MB14 nmDDR4 2666120W2019

Comparison with LGA 1200 and LGA 1700

This socket is a versatile and long-lasting solution. In 2022, it turned five years old, and during that time, users who like to upgrade to a new generation of processors have changed to more than one socket. LGA 2066 owners have only changed their processors over these 5 years.

The socket has already delivered on its advantages, and today it has significantly fewer of them. For example, LGA1200/1700 with 10900/11900/12900 CPUs and AM4 with 5900/5950 CPUs outperform this platform.

If you have been using this socket for a long time, you should wait for the new Sapphire Rapids. If you want to build a new computer now, don’t consider this socket. Although it still has advantages in terms of PCIe lanes and memory, building on LGA 1700 with DDR5 memory will be cheaper for you.

Intel Core i9-10980XE CPU with 18 cores and 36 threads

For example, we consider the best processor for LGA 2066 to be the Intel Core i9-10980 Extreme Edition. Its cost today is around $1000-1200. For that amount, you can buy an Intel i7-12700K processor, a motherboard, cooling, and a set of DDR5 RAM. Thus, building a computer on this platform is not rational. The exception is for mathematical calculations or benchmarks such as Fire Strike Extreme.


Socket is only compatible with motherboards that have an LGA 2066 socket. This means that if you want to upgrade your CPU to a Core X-series processor, you will need to replace your motherboard as well.

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    It is my understanding that socket 2066 was superseded by socket 3647, then 4189.
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      Thank you. Socket 3647 was released before lga2066. The 4189 socket came after, but the processors for it are mostly server. The LGA4677 can be considered a receiver. I will write about it when I know more.

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